1 The Crook Who Took The Book

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The Crook Who Took The Book

Written by Carolyn Keene

Illustrated by Jan Naimo Jones

Reviewed by Alyssa T. (age 10)

The Crook Who Took The Book

" Yay!! It's Friday!! Library Day!! ", says Nancy, Bess and George as they were walking down the hall of their school Carl Sandburg Elementary. As they entered the library, they noticed that Mrs. Apple's class was in the library too, and Mrs. Goldstein said, " I have an announcement to make.", Nancy, Bess and George were wondering what the news was. Finally, at the end of library time they found out. The news was that their favorite author was coming to town. His name was Mortan Sandback. He was coming to visit his daughter Julia. Julia had a big surprise for him! She was going to present the first copy of a book he wrote, "Fowl Up at the Floss Factory." Nancy and her friends couldn't wait! When the moment comes, the book is gone!

Why would a crook take a book? That's what I wondered too. So, I picked up the book and read it. If you are as interested in mysteries like I am, you will love this book. I really enjoyed the suspense the author builds as they try to solve this mystery. There are also many other books written by this author that I enjoyed reading. I like the style she uses in her stories.

I recommend all 3rd, 4th and 5th grade girls read this book and others in this series. It is full of mystery which I think you will like. Also, these books take the reader back to when Nancy Drew was a grade school girl herself. Pick up the book and try to solve the mystery.