1 Norma Jean, Jumping Bean

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Norma Jean, Jumping Bean

Written by Joanna Cole

Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger

Reviewed by Karla R. (age 10)

Norma Jean, Jumping Bean

Have you Read the book about Norma Jean, the Jumping Bean. She is a kangaroo that likes to jump a lot. She would jump to school every day. At playtime Norma Jean would cause all kind of trouble because she would get excited and start jumping. She was causing so much trouble that she decided to stop jumping. But their was going to be field day at her school and everyone wanted her to be in the jumping relay. Read to find out if she will jump again.

I like this book because it was funny at first. My favorite part was when Norma Jean went to Amy's house and jumped in the pool and made a big splash. I felt sorry for Norma Jean because she didn't mean to make her friends mad. That's just how she is. Kangaroo's jump.

I recommend this book because it is funny. If you like easy books this is the book for you. I like the book because the name of the girl is Norma Jean the Jumping Bean.