1 Aliens Don't Wear Braces

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Aliens Don't Wear Braces

Written by Debbie and Marcia Thorton Jones Dadey

Illustrated by John Steven Gurney

Reviewed by Jasmine M. (age 11)

Aliens Don't Wear Braces

I would like to tell you about the book I read. The story is about this woman Mrs. Zork that is looking for a teaching job and gets the job because the art teacher is missing. So she is the new art teacher. Look out for Mrs. Zork!To find out more about the book read Aliens Don't Wear Braces by Debbie Dadey and Marcia Thortont Jones.

I liked the book because there was a lot of mystery to figure out. My favorite part was when Mrs. Zork touched the tv and her hair was sticking up. The book made me think about the movie SIGNS because the movie is about aliens and so is the book. The character I really liked was Mrs. Zork because I like her personality very much.

I recommend this book to all the people that like aliens and that like to read interesting books. I think they might like an interesting part out of the book like when Mrs. Jeepers clip starts to glow for no reason.