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Climb or Die

Written by Edward Myers

Reviewed by Amanda M. (age 11)

Climb or Die is a book about a trip that a family takes. They are going to a cabin, when all of the sudden they crashed. The father broke some of his ribs. The mother banged her knees off the dashboard. Daniel, 14, and her brother Jake, 13, didn?t injure themselves, but they knew that something had to be done. Danielle thought of walking down the highway to get help. Jake thought that they could just climb Mount Remington and tell the Weather station people. But what were there parents going to do in the meanwhile?

I personally loved this book. Once I finished reading chapter three I did not want to put the book down. I personally love adventure books. My favorite part was when Danielle and Jake get to the summit and don?t realize that the summit was a fake. The reason I liked it was because I thought that it was the end for them and their parents.

The character that I liked or found interesting was Danielle because she is so much like me. Yet she changed in one simple way. She learned that she may always need her brother because she does know how to climb, but not with the wrong equipment! If you can read stories without pictures, or in other words you can imagine what?s happening without needing pictures, this is the book for you!

I think that there is something unique about this book because, well, my school?s librarian had read it and had said what a good book it was so she recommended it to me when I couldn?t find anything I wanted. This book was like one other book I have read before.

When I started to read it, it reminded me of the book called My Side of the Mountain because it has to do with survival in the wilderness with no one else but a pet or a brother. I have never read anything else by this author. This book is not in a series.

While I was reading this book I was thinking about a lot of things. For example, I was thinking about what I would do if that ever happened to my family and me. I would have probably gotten stuck on the mountain. The story doesn?t bring back any memories for me though. Climbing the mountain certainly brought a lot back for Jake though!

I would recommend this book because it has to do with courage, bravery, survival skills, and experimenting with what you?ve got to get what you need. It is a very good book!