1 Among the Hidden

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Among the Hidden

Written by Margaret Haddix

Illustrated by Cliff Nielsen

Reviewed by Katey M. (age 10)

Among the Hidden

In the city where Luke lives, the population must stay the same. That is why he is hidden.

Each family is allowed to have only two children, but Luke?s family has three. Luke, the third child, must stay in the woods or the house. The families can only have two children because the government is afraid of not having enough food for everyone. Then the Barons, the rich people in the community, cut down the woods and build new houses. Now Luke must stay in the attic, hidden from the world. One day he sees a new face in a house where he knows two children already live. No, Luke thinks, I?m imagining things. A few days later, he sees the face again. Now he is sure that one of the Baron families have a third child. But will it ever be safe to go and see him?

I really like this book because it tells about life for other people in other places. This book helped me to realize there are other laws in other places, not just the laws in America. Margret Peterson Haddix is a great author, and if you?ve liked anything else you?ve read by her, don?t miss this one! She also has written Running Out of Time, Don?t You Dare Read This, Mrs.Dunphrey and Leaving Fishers.