1 Garfield's Pet Force

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Garfield's Pet Force

Written by Tony Abbott

Illustrated by Gary Barber

Reviewed by Hasan K (age 8)

Garfield's Pet Force

This story is about when the Lethal Lizards were born on Reptuneis and they were trying to destroy Emperor Jon, who is on Polyester. Emperor Jon went to Funlandia and his friend Binky is watching after his palace. The Lethal Lizards went to Funlandia and found Emperor Jon. At the same time, Binky called the Pet Force, and the Pet Force beat the Lethal Lizards.

I thought the book was a good book because it had a lot of action and it was a "Garfield" book and I like "Garfield" books. Garfield is funny and clever. My brother brought some other "Garfield" books home that I also liked.

I recommend this book because there is a lot of fighting and it is funny.