1 What Is A Bat?

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What Is A Bat?

Written by Bobby Kalman

Reviewed by Angelo A (age 9)

What Is A Bat?

If you are interested in bats or a certain kind of bat such as a vampire bat you would be interested in this book. It tells where bats live. It tells what a bat is. It tells how a bat finds its food. At the end of the book there are jokes that have the word bat in them. I recommend this book to kids and adults of all ages.

People if I were you I would get prepared for this book because it has some sick stuff and funny jokes, like where does a bat get its energy from? Do you know? Well, I'm not going to tell you, but you can find the answer in the book. If you don't read this book believe me you are missing out on some serious fun. This book is part of a series that tells about what some things are. I like the vampire bat because it can walk, run, and hop. The photographs in this book are great because they are so close up and are not blurry like in other books with photos and pictures that you can't see.

I recommend this book, because you learn a lot about bats. I think everybody that likes bats will like this book. If you can remember things, like what to do when a by you, and if you like to read you will be interested in this book.