1 Daniel Talking

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Daniel Talking

Written by Eloise Greenfeld

Illustrated by Jan Spivey Gilchris

Reviewed by Erika A (age 9)

Daniel Talking

Have you ever read a book about philosophy? Nathaniel Talking is a book of poems about a little boy's philosophy. Nathaniel's philosophy is that he believes in things that some people don't. He thinks that fighting is the wrong answer to a problem, that love is the greatest thing in the world, and that every person is great to be friends with. Some people don't like philosophy because they don't believe things are true. Another philosophy is great to know because you can learn about different things. Plilosophy is so great.

I recomment these book to ervry person that likes books.

I think that this book was good for everyone that like books. I realy like it because it talks about philosophy and uses interesting words. My favorite part was when it talks about the interesting words because it is realy fun to read books. The illustrations were fantastic, but I think that they needed to have colors. The characters remind me of my friend Lizett because she don't like to fite.I recommend this book toeveryone that likes raping and learning about oters people's philosophy and that likes to read.