1 Holes

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Written by Louis Sachar

Reviewed by Luke M. (age 9)


The story is about a boy named Stanley who goes to juvenile camp for being accused of stealing a famous baseball player?s shoes. He has to dig holes 5 feet deep and 5 feet wide. Stanley?s life digging holes was very hard. He baked in the sun while digging holes. He met this kid named Zero and Stanley took care of him. That shows that Stanley is very caring and generous. You would really want to read this book because there are so many surprises! A lesson in this story is ? don?t accuse people if you don?t have evidence?.

I liked this book because it was an adventure and adventures keep me reading. I never knew what was going to happen next. My favorite part was when Stanley told a story to the boys. That gave me a big jumpstart! It gave me more predicting fuel. There was a character named X-ray, he reminded me of my friend Cameron because they?re both stubborn. This book is like the book Hatchet by Gary Paulsen because it?s about a boy who?s stranded in the middle of nowhere just like in this book. I felt sad for Stanley because he got accused and now he has to take the punishment of digging holes.

I think other people, including grown-ups, would definitely want to read this book because it is so powerful. The author helps you know all the characters' feelings during the story.