1 Great Horned Owls

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Great Horned Owls

Written by Doug Wechsler

Reviewed by Franklin C (age 10)

Great Horned Owls

Have you ever seen a Great Horned Owl? If you haven't, I suggest this book for you. This book gives you facts about them. Like what they eat, where they live, how they live, and how they can be found. So if you like birds of prey, check out this book at your libary.

This book told me how to find a Great Horned Owl, and how you can tell if an owl ate here. I believe that is a sick way to find out, they want you to dig threw their throw up. It will also tell you how they eat their food, and how they dispose of it. They throw it up and that is their disposal. Owls eat anything from insects to their own kind. This book is in common with another book called Peregrine Falcons. The book tells you about how they eat and how they live, what they eat.

I like this book because I like animals.Clearly, this book has tought me very much about Great Horned Owls. To me this book has tought me alot about Great Horned Owls. I suggest this this book to you. So to check this book out go to your local libary.