1 Sharks

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Written by Janet Palazzo-Craig

Illustrated by janet Palazzo-Craig

Reviewed by Jesi. B (age 7)


This book tells all about sharks. Sharks have sharp flashing teeth. I saw pictures of these kind of sharks: Goblin shark, Leopard shark, Whale shark and the Blue shark. Sharks come in many sizes and shapes. The whale shark is very gentle and is also the largest one. It eats mostly plankton found at the bottom of the oceans. It catches plankton with its gillrakers, which are gills with sticky hairs on them used to catch food. All sharks like to eat meat. They also like to eat garbage, such as metal and paper things, as well as other fish. The Hammerhead shark got its name because its head is shaped like a hammer. It likes to eat stingray fish. An Angel shark has flapping wings. The Blue shark is named for its color.

I liked this book because it tells all kinds of interesting facts to learn about sharks and good illustrations that help to explain the facts. It could help me to write a good science report. You could read this book for finding new facts about sharks.