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Mouse Paint

Written by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Illustrated by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Reviewed by Reyannah W. (age 9)

Mouse Paint

This story is about three white mice. The cat couldn't find the mice because they are camouflaged on a white piece of paper. One day while the cat was asleep, the mice saw three jars of paint, one red, one yellow, and one blue. They thought it was mouse paint. They climbed right in and turned different colors, red, blue, and yellow. The red mouse went in a yellow puddle, it turned orange. The yellow mouse went in a blue puddle, it turned green. The blue mouse went in a red puddle, he got purple. The mice said, "Our feet!" Their feet were different colors. They got all sticky, and they jumped into the cat's water bowl to wash off. They decided to paint the paper instead of painting themselves. If you want to find out what happens at the end, read the book.

My favorite part is when the cat was looking for the mice. He couldn't find them on the white piece of paper. I liked the pictures. It looks like she used pieces of cut out colored paper to make the pictures. I learned how to mix colors by reading this book. I think all kids should read this book. It is a pretty easy book to read.