1 Matthew's Dragon

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Matthew's Dragon

Written by Susan Cooper

Illustrated by Jos A. Smith

Reviewed by Stetson K. (age 8)

Matthew's Dragon

This book ia about a boy and a dragon. The dragon comes from a book and they go on an adventure. They shrunk to the size of a mouse. They slipped out of the window onto the magic drawbridge. They go to the garden and eat the great big cherry tomatoes. The neighbor's black cat tried to eat them. The cat caught Matthew. And then the dragon grew bigger than the house. He picked up Matthew and put him on his back. He picked up the cat. The cat yowled terrified. He dropped it into the rain barrel with a big splash. Matthew and the dragon flew over the city. The city sparkled. The dragon sang as Matthew was clinging to his bright yellow scales, happily listening to the dragon's singing. If you want to find out more about their adventure, read the book.

It was pretty neat when the dragon came out of the book in the beginning of the story. I liked when they picked up the cat and dropped it, because the cat almost ate them. The pictures were realistic. They impressed me. My favorite picture was when the dragon grew bigger. I think this book is for all ages. Kids who like dragons will really like this book.