1 Hooway for Wodney Wat

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Hooway for Wodney Wat

Written by Helen Lester

Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger

Reviewed by Garrett K. (age 9)

Hooway for Wodney Wat

I just read a great book called Hooway for Wodney Wat. It is about a rat named Rodney Rat. He can't pronounce his R's. Everybody teases him and he eats lunch alone. He doesn't like being called Wodney. When everybody plays at recess he hides in his jacket because he doesn't fit in.

One day a mean capybara came in the classroom and said, "I'm bigger than you, I'm meaner than you and smarter than you! So there!" When the capybara came in the class, she bumped two noses, sat on three tails and laid on the desk. All the rodents wondered if she was really smarter than them. The teacher said, "Class what is 2+2?" Then the capybara said, "2+2=4, and furthermore, 4+4=8 and 8+8=16 and 243+125 is 368." Then all the rodents thought in their heads, "Yep, she's smarter than us."

Then when the teacher was picking their names out of the hat to play their favorite game, Simon Says, at recess, she picked Wodney Wat to be the leader in Simon Says. Wodney pulled his jacket over his head. Then Wodney Wat thought what would she say to me she she hears me squeak. Would she tie me up in my own tail or would she squish me like a bug. Then Wodney said "Wead the sign." Everybody started to read the sign, except for Camilia Capybara. She just started to pull the weeds around the sign. When Camilia Capabara was digging up the weeds everybody else started to giggle. Wodney Wat took his head out of his jacket. To find the next part of the book, you have to read Hooway for Wodney Wat.

My favorite part is when everybody started to giggle when Camilia Capybara was pulling up the weeds. She misunderstood what Wodney Wat was saying. Wodney is my favorite character in the book. He is small and makes everybody laugh at the bully. This book reminds me of when someone was bullying me on the bus and I didn't like it. I like the way Wodney Wat gets back at the bully. I would say this book is good for moms and dads to read to their kids because this is a good kids book. It has funny things in it.