1 Gingerbread Baby

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Gingerbread Baby

Written by Jan Brett

Illustrated by Jan Brett

Reviewed by Anthony T. (age 6) & Tyler E. (age 6)

Gingerbread Baby

This story takes place in the woods during a snowy winter day. It was cold outside and a boy named Mattie and his mother made a gingerbread boy. They didn't cook it for the full 8 minutes and it came out of the oven as a gingerbread baby. The gingerbread baby ran out the door and they started chasing it. The doy, cat, pig, goats, fox, cow, hen and the villagers all end up chasing the gingerbread baby. While they were chasing, Mattie made a gingerbread house for the gingerbread baby. The gingerbread baby ran into the woods and went right into the gingerbread house and lived happily ever after.

I (A.T.) think this is a funny, funny book. My favorite part was the gingerbread house. I (T.E.) like the detail on the borders because it has "in the old day" stuff on it and gingerbread stuff on it.

I (T.E.) would recommend this story to the preschool class to read at our school because it is funny. I (A.T.) would give this book to the fifth and sixth graders to read because I think they would like the funny parts