1 Stellaluna

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Written by Janell Cannon

Illustrated by Janell Cannon

Reviewed by Addison B. (age 8)


One night the bats were out looking for food and one bat with her baby on her chest ran into an owl. The owl tried to eat them. The baby bat fell into a tree. Stellaluna climbed into a birds nest. There were three baby birds in the nest. In the morning the mother bird came back with a grasshopper. The bat ate the grasshopper. The birds did not know why the bat hung by her feet. The baby birds hung by their feet. The mother bird came back and saw the baby birds hanging by their feet. The mother bird said to the bat, "Do not make my baby birds hang by their feet again or you will have to get out of this nest. You hear me?" "Yes," said the bat. The bat felt sad and almost began to cry. She thought her mother was dead and now she had to live like a bird and eat bugs. YUCK! If you you want to know the end of the story you will have to read the book.

I really like Stellaluna because she is a fruit bat and she can fly. I know that fruit bats eat fruit all the time. My favorite part of the story was when she found out her mother wasn't dead. It made me feel happy for Stellaluna. The illustrations are realistic and colorful. Stellaluna's mother tells her story in little drawings above the words. I knew that Stellaluna's mother wasn't dead because of looking at the pictures above the words.

I recommend this book to everybody because it is a good book and it has really fantastic pictures.