1 Zack's Alligator

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Zack's Alligator

Written by Shirley Mozelle

Illustrated by James Watts

Reviewed by Joel G. (age 7) & Santina A. (age 7)

Zack's Alligator

Zack is a boy who has a key chain that becomes an alligator when it gets dropped in a fishtank. The alligator is a female. Her name is Bridget. She gets bigger and bigger everytime she gets wet.Bridget gets in lots of trouble. She knocked into the ant farm and thought a stuffed dinosaur was her cousin. The teacher called the principal. When the principal got back there was only an alligator on a key chain. Bridget became small again because she needed water.

We like this book because it is funny. It was funny when the alligator thought a stuffed dinosaur was his cousin. We like the illustrations because they are colorful and funny. Our favorite character is the alligator because she is so funny. The alligator reminds Santina of her dad. The alligator also reminds Joel of his dad because he is funny,too.We recommend this book to people who like funny books.