1 Garfield's Extreme Cuisine Pigging Way Out

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Garfield's Extreme Cuisine Pigging Way Out

Written by Scott Nickel

Illustrated by Scott Nickel

Reviewed by Giordanno C (age 10)

This book is about Garfield and Odie. They go to a clumsy restaurant to mess up people?s fun while they are having fun. They are enjoying themselves by eating and drinking wine. Then Garfield and Odie come in to ruin the fun of the people in the clumsy restaurant. They charged in and played sports with the food and eating it all.

I like the book because I like when Garfield flys into the restaurant and when he plays hockey with the fork and meatball. I do not like the book when they play with the food. I like the funny pictures. The funny picture is when they dress up as football players.