1 Sitting Down to Eat

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Sitting Down to Eat

Written by Bill Harley

Illustrated by Kitty Harvill

Reviewed by Abby B. (age 6), Mark M. (age 6) & Rachel P. (age 7)

Sitting Down to Eat

This story is about a boy who is sitting down to eat and different zoo animals knock on the door and ask, "Can I come in?" Every time an animal comes to the door he says "Oh, no" and he thinks that he doesn't have enough food, but he tells them to come in anyway. The house gets fuller and fuller as each animal comes to sit down to eat. Something silly happens at the very end.

I (A.B.) liked this book because I like the animals. I (M.M.) liked this book because all of the pages looked good. I (R.P.) liked this book because they kept on saying, "Can I come in?"

We would recommend this story to children who like animals and to children who like numbers. Something special about this book is that there is a song that goes wit it!