1 The Little Auto

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The Little Auto

Written by Lois Lenski

Illustrated by Lois Lenski

Reviewed by Darion B. (age 8)

The Little Auto

This book was about a man and his little red auto. First, he had to fix it. Then he took it for a drive. It started to rain, so he put up the car?s hood. He went to go fill up his tank and then he went to get some food. His car broke down and he took the wheel off the back end and put it on the tire that was broken. The man was going home after that. He said, "That?s all."

This story made me feel better because it is a good story. My favorite part was when his car broke down. It reminded me of the time when my mom?s car broke down and we had to get out and call my auntie to pick us up. I liked the pictures because they were nice and the pictures looked like my neighborhood.

I would recommend that first and second graders should read this book because it is an easy book.