1 Tommy DePaola 26 Fairmont Avenue

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Tommy DePaola 26 Fairmont Avenue

Written by De Paola Tommy

Illustrated by Tommy DePaola

Reviewed by Alison R. (age 10)

The story is about a boy named Tommie Depoala and why he moved to a new house. When he was in his old house there was a hurricane. It was in the year of 1938. The hurricane blew down trees and also turned roads into mud.

In the story I learned that a hurricane is dangerous. It can blow down trees. It can also turn new dirt roads into mud. Also, it can start lightning and thunder. I also learned that a real hurricane had never reached all the way up to New England before.

The pictures in the story are black and white. There are a lot of pictures of people. There are also pictures of trees, trucks, and machines. Also, there are some pictures of houses. The pictures have no color but, I sort of like the pictures. People would want to read this because it is interesting. It also has nice pictures. The book also talks about other stories like Snow White.

My favorite part is when the hurricane came, and Mrs. Crane was scared because she did not want to get struck by lightning so Tommie's mom sprinkled holy water on Mrs. Crane, and then everybody wanted to get sprinkled on too. The electricity went out so Tommie's mom lit some candles. This is my favorite part because I thought that sprinkling holy water on people is funny. It seems funny because I never thought of putting holy water on people.

This book is not like any other book I have ever read before. I never read a book that has to do with a hurricane. I never read a book about Tommie Depaola before. When I read this book it didn't remind me of any other book. I will never read another Tommie Depaola book.