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Nibbly Mouse

Written by David Drew

Illustrated by Penny Newman

Reviewed by Silverio S. (age 9)

Nibbly Mouse

This book is kind of like a mystery. You get a clue on each thing that that mouse has eaten. The mouse ate holes in lots of things. Can you guess what the next thing the mouse will see?

This was a really fun book. It had holes to see the next page. The holes were supposed to be made by the mouse Nibbly. I bet they weren't though. I liked this book because it made you guess and think hard. It had nice big colorful pictures all the way though it. I even got some of them right! I did not think a mouse could be that cute. But Nibbly was small and cute. Maybe I can ask my Mother if I can have a pet mouse too. But I will have to promise that my mouse will not eat her blankets!

I recommend this book to all the kids who like mysteries or guessing games. This book will keep you guessing.