1 Buster Cat Goes Out

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Buster Cat Goes Out

Written by Joanna Cole

Illustrated by Rose Mary Berlin

Reviewed by Michael M. (age 9)

Buster Cat Goes Out

Mr. Huggs cat Buster is lonely. Buster stays inside all the time. He was very bored and lonely. But one day Buster gets out of the house and meets a new friend on the roof. Buster had a very good time with his new friend. Read this book to find out what Buster did on his day out.

I really like cats. I know I hate to leave my cat all alone when I have to go to school. My cat meows loud when I come home to let me know he missed me. I bet Buster was too lonely. I am glad that Buster did not get into trouble and that he made a good friend. One thing I really liked was the roof. It was very pretty. It had a tree and flowers and places to sit and even squirrels. I wish my roof was that pretty and neat.

I recommend this book to every kid who has a pet. It will help you remember that sometimes pets get lonely and bored too.