1 This is the House that Jack Built

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This is the House that Jack Built

Written by Pam Adams

Illustrated by Pam Adams

Reviewed by Leina L. (age 9)

This is the House that Jack Built

The story is about a boy that has a house and in the house lived a lot of animals. A cat, a cow, a duck, a rat and a mouse lived in the house. In the house lived a maiden and a priest and a man. The man liked the maiden and she liked him too.

The book is cool because it makes me learn the names of animals and how you can live with animals. At first the maiden did not like the man, so the priest made a party. So she talked with him and then she liked him. My favorite part is when she likes him.

So the maiden and the man got married. I like the pictures in the book. I like animals and the pictures of animals in the book.

Children in the second or third grade would like this book. It has very beautiful pictures.