1 Hushtown

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Written by Elizabeth Massie

Illustrated by Amy Wummer

Reviewed by Melina B. (age 8)


Have you ever lived in a town that was so quiet, you can hear a pin drop? Hushtown is a book about a town that is quiet. When the animals made noise, you could not hear them. They made no noise, nothing came out of their mouths. The children in this town were quiet even with their toys. Everything and everyone were so quiet. Until one day a new family came to live in this town. The new neighbor?s kids were noisy. They liked to play load games and play load music. This made the old neighbors mad. What was a person to do?

I would not have like to live in a neighborhood like this. I like to make noise and play freely. I would of been very unhappy in a place like this. You should read this book. It is funny because these kids love noise. Read this book and find out how the neighbors? dealt with this mess. I liked the book a lot. You will too.