1 Ocean Life Tidepool Creatures

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Ocean Life Tidepool Creatures

Written by Alice Leonhardt

Illustrated by Marilee Heyer

Reviewed by Nastasia R. (age 9)

Ocean Life Tidepool Creatures

What are tide pool creatures? Tide pool creatures are sea creatures that live under water. This book will tell you about different types of tide pools. ?You will learn to appreciate them. The crab has red eyes. There are colorful flowers with a mouth in the middle.

I think these tide pool creatures are really creepy. You will like this book because I liked it a lot. This story is about sea creatures that live in tide polis. Some tide pool creatures are related to each other. Some are colorful and look like beautiful flowers, but are very dangerous.

I liked this book a lot because I have a fish tank at home. They look like the fish at home. The fish at home are full of colors. If you like fish, you will like this book.