1 Ramona's World

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Ramona's World

Written by Beverly Cleary

Illustrated by Alan Tiegreen

Reviewed by Rachel B. (age 10)

In this story, Ramona is nine years old and is getting ready for her first day of fourth grade. She's still as pesky as ever, especially to her older sister, Beezus. She continues to be hilarious in school and struggles with spelling. She has a new baby sister and a new best friend.

I like the book because I can relate to the way Ramona acts, although I don't have an older sister. I really enjoyed the part when Ramona's baby sister spit peas on her. In fact, my baby sister did the same thing to me when I was feeding her.

I recommend this book to fourth grade kids and any Ramona fans. She hasn't changed a bit even grown-up, in fact, she's as spunky as ever!