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Postcards from Pluto

Written by Loreen Leedy

Illustrated by Loreen Leedy

Reviewed by Christian (age 9)

Postcards from Pluto

This book is about when kids go to space and see all nine planets. They learn a lot. Four of the planets are much bigger than Earth. Mercury is hot and cold on both sides. Meteors jump up and down from the moon. At the end the story the kids go back to their home and say good bye.

My favorite part is when they see the volcanoes on Venus. I like this story because it tells about all the planets in space. There is also a neat robot called Dr. Quasar that teaches them everything. The illustrations are the best because they show everything in our solar system.

You should read it because it can help you learn about the solar system. It also teaches you how to write postcards.