1 Why Owl Comes Out At Night

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Why Owl Comes Out At Night

Written by Janet Pulse

Illustrated by Charles Rezoner

Reviewed by Shaana A. (age 9)

Why Owl Comes Out At Night

Have you ever heard people talking about you, and the things they say are not nice? This story is about a lonely owl named Coucou. He only came out at night because he thought he was very ugly. One night Coucou heard somebody crying. He rushed to help and in a nearby bush he saw a beautiful swallow. She was crying because she was lost and because it was very dark. Her name was Drina. Since Coucou could see very well in the dark he took her home. Coucou was glad Drina couldn?t see his face. Then, the following night, Drina told Coucou, ?I will have a party for you,? Coucou was delighted! Later he realized there would be a full moon on the night of the party. ?Coo-whoo!? he cried.? ?Drina will see how ugly I am!? Coucou asked Rouge the rooster for advice. ?Wear my hat? said Rouge. ?It will cover your face.? Did Coucou showed his face to Drina? Was she scared of his ugliness?

My favorite part of the book is when Coucou met Drina, I also like the illustrations, they are very colorful.

This book teaches you that beauty is not important that what is important is what you do, and how you feel.

This is a very good book for children of all ages, especially those who have problem with the way that they look.