1 Duckat

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Written by Gaelyn Gordon

Illustrated by Chris Gaskin

Reviewed by Sharee H. (age 7)


This book is about a duck that thinks it's a cat. I like this story because it is very funny. The duck wanted to eat mice; that's what cats like to eat. Mable was trying to get the duck to stop acting like a cat. The duck was acting like a cat by playing with a ball of yarn.

My favorite part was when the duck was making pictures about cats but not ducks.

The illustrations were very colorful. They made me want to color the book. They looked very life-like.

This book was special because the drawings were very nice. The illustrator was a good drawer.

I like the book very much because it is fuuny to see a duck that thinks it's a cat. I think people should read this book because it teaches you why people like to play around.