1 Tiger Time for Stanley

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Tiger Time for Stanley

Written by A. Griff

Reviewed by Elizabeth F. (age 0)

Tiger Time for Stanley

This is about Stanley. He's looking for an animal costume to wear; he can't find one, so he wears his tiger costume. Then he wants a real tiger for a pet, but there is a big problem. A tiger is too big and he loves his cat. So he doesn't want a tiger anymore.

When Stanley is trying on all his costumes, like a shrimp, shark, and his tiger slippers, he was funny looking in his shrimp costume and I liked this part best of all because he looked funny.

The illustrations were cool and beautiful. They looked like colorful drawings.

Read this book because it tells you a lot about tigers. If you read this book, make sure you read pages 9-10, because it tells you all about tigers and that all cats have sharp teeth to help them tear up their prey.

I recommened that you will like this book very much, especially those people that like tigers.