1 Polar Bears Past Bedtime

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Polar Bears Past Bedtime

Written by Mary Pope Osborn

Illustrated by Sal Murdocca

Reviewed by Kevin W. (age 7)

Polar Bears Past Bedtime

This book is about two kids. The kids' names are Jack and Annie. They go to the Magic Tree House. Morgan is a magical librarian in the time of King Arther. Morgan gives Jack and Annie riddles. Then they get some help to solve the riddle. The kids find more riddles to solve. The Magic Tree House spins faster and faster. Soon they go to a place in the Artic. My favorite part is when they meet Morgan and get help for the riddles.

The illustrations were very good. They can help you guess what place they go to. They showed the people what Morgan was talking about. They looked real.

Jack was my favorite character because he mostly solves all the riddles. He came up with the good ideas because he can read a book that gives him the answers.

I think second graders will like this book because all the riddles make something to do when you put it on or solve the riddles.