1 Zack's Alligator

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Zack's Alligator

Written by Shirley Mozelle

Illustrated by James Watts

Reviewed by James P. (age 7)

Zack's Alligator

ZACK'S ALLIGATOR is about an alligator that is new to the world. When it grows in water and gets bigger, he bites the wheel on a car. He bites a hose because he thought it was a snake. He eats Zack's mother's meatloaf special. The most interesting part was the alligator because he sees stuff that he has never seen before. He hears things that he has never heard before. I felt like it was me inside the book and I was just learning how to do everything that they were doing. It felt like it was me in the book.

My favorite part was when he was a small alligator and Zack put him into water and he grew to be a big alligator.

The illustrations are marvelous because of all the colors.

This book would be good for kids who like animals and make- believe. The book could make you feel like you were Zack.