1 Diego

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Written by Jeanette Winters

Illustrated by Jonah Winter

Reviewed by Ali R. (age 9)


This book is about a boy named Diego. He lived in Mexico, in a town called Guanajuato. When Diego was little, he made 5,000 toy soldiers! He loved to paint, so his mom and dad gave him a room where he could do his paintings. Diego painted murals on every wall! When Diego got older, he painted on the inside and outside of buildings. He painted happy things and sad things.

I liked this book because it's written in Spanish and English. I also really liked the illustrations. They use dark and bright colors. They also use borders around the pictures.

I think that Diego reminds me of Martin Luther King because he wanted peace. Diego protested against violence by painting his dreams.

I think kids in grades one through three would like this book. I would also recommend this book to people who are learning to read and write Spanish. A first or second grader might like it read aloud to them or someone might like to read it themselves.