1 Daisy and The Doll

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Daisy and The Doll

Written by Michael Medearis Angela Shelf

Illustrated by Larry Johnson

Reviewed by Caitlin H. (age 9)

In the book Daisy and the Doll, the characters are: Daisy, Papa, the teacher, and the other school kids. The book takes place at Daisy's house and school in Grafton, Vermont in the 1890's.

In school Daisy got a doll of a different color than the other girls because of her skin color. Her teacher gives her a poem that she has to memorize about her doll.

Daisy feels embarassed because she has a different doll than the other girls just because of her skin color. Daisy perseveres when she doesn't give up just because she got a different doll.

Daisy changes in the book. At first she is embarrassed. Then she gets braver by making up her own peom and reading it in front of an audience.

I think the most interesting character is Daisy. I like Daisy because she gets the most interesting parts.

Daisy reminds me of a substitute music teacher because the substitute made up her own song in a show.

I recommend this book to kids in kindergarten to sixth grade because they might like sad and happy books.