1 The Rag Coat

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The Rag Coat

Written by Lauren Mills

Illustrated by Lauren Mills

Reviewed by Mykala F. (age 8)

This book tells about a girl named Minna. Minna and her family ride in a hay wagon in winter. This book takes place in the woods.

Minna talks her mom and other moms into making her a quilted coat for school. When it is finished and she wears it to school everybody makes fun of her. Then she runs away.

I think this book's message is not to run away from problems.

When I first read this book it made me wonder why they called it The Rag Coat. I thought the book was interesting because of the rag coat. The inside of the rag coat is made of a burlap feed sack and the outside is made of cloth. The cloths are sewed together on the outside.

My favorite part is when she walks into school wearing her new quilted coat. It's my favorite part because the quilted coat is so colorful.

I think that the illustrations in this book are good! The illustrator used dark colors for the pictures. Some things in the illustrations are people, a wagon, and the woods.

I recommend this book to people in grades two to six who like sad books.