1 How My Parents Learned to Eat

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How My Parents Learned to Eat

Written by Ina R. Friedman

Illustrated by Allen Say

Reviewed by Zachary E. (age 9)

In this story the characters are the little girl's mom and dad. The woman and the man met each other in Japan.

They found out that they didn't know how to use each others' way of eating. The Japanese woman ate with chopsticks. The sailor ate with forks and knives. When the man wanted to eat with the woman he thought that he shouldn't because he didn't know how to use chopsticks. When the woman went to learn how to eat with forks and knives her uncle taught her.

The message of this story is you don't have to know how to eat like other people.

This book reminded me of my family and about how they eat. I eat with chopsticks and forks and knives too. I felt hungry and wanted to eat when I read this book.

My favorite part was when they learned how to eat in other ways. The woman and the man changed their ways of eating. They wanted to eat like each other.

I recommend this book to people who like books about other cultures and people who want to know how to eat in two ways. This would maybe interest kids who like books that compare different things. This book would be good for kids in second grade and up.