1 Teeny Tiny

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Teeny Tiny

Written by Jill Bennett

Illustrated by Tomie DePaola

Reviewed by Cheyenne M. (age 7)

Teeny Tiny

This book is about a teeny tiny woman and a bone. Teeny Tiny went into a church yard. She saw a bone. She thought she could eat it. Then she brought the bone home to make bone soup. After that she was too tired to cook. She decided to take a teeny tiny nap. When she fell asleep, she heard a teeny tiny voice which said, "Give Me My Bone." She was scared. Then she fell asleep again. Then a voice came from the cupboard which said, "Give Me My Bone!" She was scared again. Then she fell asleep again. After that, the voice got a bit louder and it said, "Give Me My Bone!!!!" She was as scared as she had ever been. She had enough and she said to take it!!!!!! Then the ghosts stopped bugging her.

I like this book because the ghosts kept saying, " Give Me My bone." This book made me laugh so hard, especially when Teeny Tiny said, "Take it!!!!" I love to laugh and this book make me feel good.

I recommend this book to people who like ghosts. If you are in kinder and first grade, you will like this book. It is easy for first and kinder to read.