1 Dog Days

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Dog Days

Written by Dilys Evans

Illustrated by Krisztina Bentley

Reviewed by Matthew S. (age 6)

Dog Days

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. There's a dog of every kind. Perty is clean, Dusty is dirty, Daisy is awake, Fluffy barks hello, Curly barks goodbye, and spot is asleep. Bowser's ears are long, Groucho is mean and buddy is nice. These are some dogs from the book. Sometimes dogs live with each other.

There's a dog that's like a Dalmatian. I like Dalmatians, they're great. I have a video game of that! I've seen black and white dogs before. They are great dogs! My favorite part of the story is when Dusty is cleaning himself with his paws, but that's dirty. But that's really funny!

You know this book is about opposites!

I would like first and second graders to like this book. I would like everybody in the whole world to read this book because it's really fun. But not aliens!