1 Frank and Ernest

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Frank and Ernest

Written by Alexandra Day

Illustrated by Alexandra Day

Reviewed by Garrett B. (age 7) & Stephen H. (age 9)

Frank and Ernest

Frank (a bear) and Ernest (an elephant) were substitute workers at a diner. They had to study Diner language but for some reason they got the orders mixed up, like when Frank made a burger and pinned an onion to it with a real pin! The funny thing was that the customers liked it.

I (Garrett) like the story because it reminds me of when I go to the diner. I hope that the food I order at my diner doesn't come out like the food in the story. I (Stephen) like this story because it is very funny. The elephant and the bear don't know the diner language and they try to do it but silly things happen.

We recommend this book to people who like to go to diners and to people who like funny stories.