1 Princess Diaries

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Princess Diaries

Written by Meg Cabot

Reviewed by Alexandra Z. (age 10)

Princess Diaries

"What! No way! This can't be! It is so not true!" Princess Diaries is a book about a girl named Mia Thermopolis. She is a regular teenager until her grandmother comes all the way from Genovia. She tells Mia that throughtout all of her sixteen years that she has been alive she has not known the truth about herself. She finds out tha the nerdy person tha tshe thoguht she was on the outside could not compare to the beautiful princess that she is on the inside. She didn't think that life could get any worse then being a nerdy girl flunking algebra and losing her best friend but she was wrong.

Her grandmother has to make her act and look like a princess before presenting her to the press and Genovia, so Mia has to go to classes everyday so her Grandmother can teach her what she needs to know. Life gets even harder as the days of her teen years go by. Everywhere she goes there is a at least one reporter wanting to know about Princess Amelia. When she thinks that life as she knows it has come to an end she finds a way to make everyone happier. She finds that whatever you look like on the outside is probably not what you are on the inside.

My favorite part of the story was when she finds out that she really was the Princess of Genovia. I liked this part because she thought life could not get any worse. It makes the story seem exciting and unpredictable. The second reason I liked this book is because it reminds me of my own life in a weird way. Different things just keep coming at you. You never know when it is going to stop. The last reason I liked this book was because the characters in the story were so different. There are so many different pesonalities tha tmake the story seem like the real world.

I strongly recommend this book because it is exciting and you can really compare this story with what is going on in your own life. I would like to recommend this book to anyone who likes stories that are unpredictable, sad, happy, and sponstaneous. This book is a fiction book that the author compares what is going on at any age.