1 The Fairy's Mistake

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The Fairy's Mistake

Written by Gail Carson Levine

Illustrated by Mark Elliot

Reviewed by Libby L. (age 8)

The Fairy's Mistake

The book is about twin sisters, Rosella and Myrtle. Rosella is very knd and good, but her sister is mean and nasty. There was a fairy, Ethlinda, that saw Rosella coming. She changed herself into an old lady. She made herself look thirsty. Rosella gave her a drink. Then Ethelinda said, "Thank you, your kindness deserves a reward." Rosella said "you" and something funny was happening in her mouth. She spat a jewel into her hand. Then Ethelinda saw Myrtle coming. She changed into a knight. Myrtle said "Where's the old lady?" Ethelinda said, "May you get me a drink?" Myrtle said "What will I get out of it?" Ethelinda thought she was rude and mean, so she punished Myrtle. Myrtle had gross stuff coming out of her mouth.

Myrtle learns to be nice. I liked the book, it was very funny. I liked Rosella, she was nice. The illustrations were fun to look at.

I think you should read the book. If you like princess fairy tales you would probably like the book.