1 Black Beauty

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Black Beauty

Written by Anna Sewell

Illustrated by Anna Sewell

Reviewed by Whitney B. (age 11)

Black Beauty is a book concerning a black horse that goes through many, many hardships during his long life, like tough owners, nasty drunken people and people who put on the curb bit because they assume it looks appealing. Black Beauty rarely had kind owners, so will he end up with kind owners, or vile, cruel owners?

I loved this book because I love horses and it tells how the horse?s life really is like. I own a horse named Babe that is black like Black Beauty was, and I know I would never put on her a curb bit. It?s vile, I tell you.

Well, anyhow, I think this book is an excellent book for horse-lovers. It shows that Anne Sewell knows how to write a high-quality book and it shows that the book is first class. Period.