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Good-bye for today

Written by Peter and Connie Roop

Illustrated by Thomas Allen

Reviewed by Shawn T. (age 9)

Good-bye for today

Good Bye for Today is a journal that is about a girl named Laura who is sailing with her dad and her mother spotting whales. Laura is from Honolulu, Hawaii. She has three ducks and one goat with her. Her favorite duck is named Lulu. They sail, and sail, and sail. They are sailing to the Arctic and trying to find whales to spot. They keep on sailing, but they just can?t find any whales! Laura also has a doll called Atsumi. Her brother is learning how to swim. She asked her dad if she can also learn how to swim, but her dad said no, because it?s a "boys sport". So, of course, she gets angry. At one part of the story she even sees a shark in the ocean!

My favorite part is when they see a shark, because I've never seen a shark from a boat before. Another one of my favorite parts is when Laura's dad said he would give the whale 20 pounds of tobacco. This is one of my favorite parts because I can't imagine giving a whale such a thing. I think the authors wrote this book because they like to write journals. Journals are my favorite type of stories to read. What is going to happen next in this story? Find out by reading the book.

Good Bye for Today is a very good book that I recommend to any kids, any age, because I liked it very much. I would recommend this book to kids, because there are many animals stories. If you love sailing adventures, this book is for you.