1 Lucky Lady

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Lucky Lady

Written by Susan Saunders

Reviewed by Briana K. (age 10)

Lucky Lady

Twelve-year-old Jamie Cooper is spending her two month summer vacation with her grandfather, (whom she hasn't seen for four years), while her mother is in Southeast Asia! Her only consolation is that she'll be able to ride? or will she? When she arrives she discovers that her granddad has sold all the horses and cattle with the exception of his favorite horse, Old Samson. It appears that to her, her summer consists of total isolation from anything fun that might happen. That is until her new friend, Arnoldo, takes her to an auction where she spends the two hundred dollars meant to last her the entire summer on a crazy bucking bronco! When she gets back home to the used-to-be ranch, her granddad is absolutely furious with her! Will she be able to train the buckskin filly without her granddad's help? Or will Lucky Lady be turned into European horsemeat?

Lucky Lady consists of fun, adventure, suspense, and drama. I liked it a lot because I've grown up around horses because of my older sister. Jamie really reminds me of my older sister because they both like to be independent to prove themselves. All of Susan Saunders' books that I've read are very exciting.

Anyone who likes horse books should like this one too. This is a book that both boys and girls should probably like. In other words, I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to read it.