1 The Comeback Challenge

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The Comeback Challenge

Written by Matt Christopher

Illustrated by Karen Meyer

Reviewed by Paul H. (age 10)

Wow! This is an awesome book! This book by Matt Christopher is about a kid named Mark. Mark's parents move a lot because of their jobs. And of course, Mark moved with them. Mark moved from Knightstown, to New York, then to England. In England he made friends quickly. In England his parents decided to divorce. His mom moved back to Knightstown with her job and everybody moved with her. Mark tried out for the soccer team there and made it. But the captain didn't like Mark and didn't pass the ball to him. And when he scored goals, Vince called him a ball-hog. And to make things worse, Mark's parents go to court to see whom he stays with. Read Comeback Challenge to find out what happens next.

I think Comeback Challenge is a good book because I like soccer and because it had lots of details and good description. Comeback Challenge is a lot like Soccer Halfback because they are both about soccer and kids. Comeback Challenge is part of the Matt Christopher series.

I recommend this book to kids that like sports mainly soccer. They would probably like it as much as I did.