1 Mean, Mean Maureen Green

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Mean, Mean Maureen Green

Written by Judy Cox

Illustrated by Cynthia Fisher

Reviewed by Laura L. (age 10)

Mean, Mean Maureen Green

Wow, what a wonderful book! Mean, Mean Maureen Green is about two girls (one is Lilley and the other is Maureen). Maureen is a bully that is now going to ride Lilley's bus. She is really scared. She went on he bus and sat in the back because that was the only seat left. She didn't see Maureen but Maureen came on to the bus and said to Lilley,"This is my seat GET OUT!" Lilley sat with the new kid, Adam. She began to like Adam as a best friend. One day Adam and Lilley played a trick on Maureen. Maureen got so mad she said that she was going to pound them. Well luckily it was their stop. Lilley decided to walk to school. Then she met a mean dog Bruno. She found out that Adam rode his bike to school. He asked her if she could ride with him everyday to school. Well Lilley didn't know how to ride her bike. She never wanted to learn because she was afraid of cuts, broken arms, and blood. Read the book to find out how Lilley and Adam survive through Maureen.

This book was great! I liked it because I like stories where the people find a way to solve their problems by themselves. My favorite part is when Adam and Lilley play the trick on Maureen. Something unique about this book is that there are really bullies in some schools and this teaches you not to become a bully and to be nice to everyone.

I recommend this book because you can learn a lot from it. People who like books where someone really fights to find a way to do something will like this book. The author makes you want to keep reading the book until you are done reading it. I really recommend this book to everyone.