1 I Am Spider-Man

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I Am Spider-Man

Written by Acton Figueroa

Illustrated by Ron Linn

Reviewed by J.L. (age 7)

I Am Spider-Man

This book is about a superhero called Spider-Man. There was a guy named Spider-Man. He wasn't always a superhero. He used to be a regular guy. Well, not exactly. He was sort of a geek. He really liked school but it wasn't always easy for him. Some of the kids didn't like him. Everything changed when a spider bit him. At the end is a surprise.

I like this book because I wish I was Spider-Man and because Spider-Man is my favorite superhero. My favorite part is when Spider-Man fights Green Goblin because he gets shot at by a web.

Children 7 and over would like this book. Whoever likes Spider-Man, read this book!