1 Livingstone Mouse

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Livingstone Mouse

Written by Pamela Duncan Edwards

Illustrated by Henry Cole

Reviewed by Daniel C. (age 7), James L. (age 8) & Lauren T. (age 8)

Livingstone Mouse

Have you ever seen a mouse that likes to explore? Well... Livingstone Mouse was an explorer. He wanted to build his own nest in the greatest place, so his Mom suggested China. Livingstone Mouse did not know where China was. He explored many things such as a shoe, a picnic basket, a light bulb, and an old tea pot. He thought all of these things were China especially the tea pot because it said "Made in China". Read this book to find out more about Livingstone Mouse's explorations and where he decides to live.

We liked the book because the animals can talk such as the rat, the beetle, and the bat. Lauren's favorite part was when Livingstone was burnt by the light bulb because it looked cute and funny. James' favorite part was when Livingstone Mouse saw a tea pot and thought it was China because it said "Made in China". James liked this part because he was glad that Livingstone was happy about finding China. Daniel liked the rats in the story because their yellow crooked teeth and funny smiles made the illustrations funny. It reminded James and Daniel of exploring in the woods like Livingstone Mouse. It reminded Lauren of when her dad went to China.

We recommend this book to everybody who likes to explore. Do you like to explore? Well, if you do, you will love this book!