1 Grandfather's Journey

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Grandfather's Journey

Written by Allen Say

Illustrated by Allen Say

Reviewed by Albert C. (age 8) & Brandon A. (age 8)

Grandfather's Journey

Have you ever crossed country to country by a ship? Well, this is a book about a grandfather from Japan who crosses the Pacific Ocean by a steamship. For THREE weeks he did not see land going to California. He loved the tall sculptures and the tall buildings amazed him. He loved California the best. He LOVED the rivers as clear as the light blue sky. Then he went home to Japan and got married in Japan. He brought his bride back to America. They lived in San Francisco and had a baby girl. The grandfather takes his family back to Japan. His daughter grows up and marries. She has a baby boy. The grandfather plans a trip to California but a war began. He never went to see California again. When his grandson becomes a man he goes to see California by himself to see if he likes California as much as his grandfather.

We like this book because the illustrations look real like photos from a long time ago. We like when the grandfather meets all the different kinds of people. We like the part when the grandson follows his grandfather. The book reminds me (Brandon) of when I visited my grandfather mostly every day!!

We think that you should read this book because it can teach you to follow your dreams.